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About Flourish

The Flourish Real Estate Network
The Flourish Network stands as a collective of top-performing real estate brokers, agents and teams, each unwaveringly committed to enriching their communities while operating impact-driven businesses, and serving our clients at an exceptionally high level. Renowned nationally for excellence and dedicated service across diverse markets, we extend beyond mere recognition.

At our core, each of our members and partners are phillanthropic in nature, each allocating 25% of our profits to fuel the Flourish Alliance, our internal 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. The Flourish Alliance is devoted to dismantling barriers to human flourishing, addressing issues ranging from sex trafficking and food insecurity to homelessness and the promotion of accessible and affordable housing.

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The Umphress Group

At The Umphress Group, powered by Flourish , our passion lies in turning Colorado's real estate dreams into vibrant realities, all while weaving a tapestry of positive change around the globe! Imagine a journey where your home aspirations not only come to life but also contribute to transformative initiatives for communities in need. From dynamic local drives for food, clothing, and toiletries to our impactful international endeavors focusing on sustainable community transformations in Sub-Saharan Africa (with a spotlight on water, sanitation, and essential HIV/AIDS projects), we are redefining the meaning of real estate impact. Our canvas spans the entire Front Range of Colorado – from the quintessential Colorado vibes of Ft. Collins to the magnetic pulse of Denver, the enchanting landscapes of Colorado Springs, down to the warmth of Pueblo, and every charming spot in between!

If you're navigating the realms of buying or selling a home along the Front Range, seeking to partner with one of the premier teams in Colorado, and yearning to make a difference in the process, we're here to bring your dreams to life! Beyond the confines of real estate, we strategically collaborate with our non-profit allies to uplift community members facing challenges in accessing resources or education. Join us in crafting a narrative of positive change!

Meet The Umphress Group

Aaron Pierce



Meet Aaron Pierce: a real estate dynamo with a passion for making dreams come true. As a broker with the Umphress Group, powered by Flourish with a real estate investor background, Aaron brings a unique blend of honesty, top-tier communication, and round-the-clock responsiveness to every client interaction. For Aaron, real estate isn't just a job; it's the embodiment of the American dream—a chance to help individuals secure their futures, craft the perfect retirement plan, and make emotional investments that resonate for a lifetime. His joy stems from the relationships forged in this dynamic industry and the satisfaction of working tirelessly until clients achieve their goals. What sets Aaron apart from others in the industry is ultimately his genuine care and empathy. While others may see transactions, Aaron sees people, each with their own unique needs and aspirations. He feels the weight of his clients' stress and celebrates their successes as if they were his own. Aaron's dedication to his fiduciary responsibilities is unwavering, ensuring that his clients receive nothing less than the utmost care and attention. Aaron's choice to partner with Flourish and the Umphress Group was driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a deep appreciation for the collaborative team atmosphere that allows agents to focus on what they do best - serving their clients. Outside of the real estate world, Aaron finds fulfillment in spending time with his family and giving back to his community. Whether volunteering at local schools or supporting youth sports, Aaron's commitment to making a positive impact shines through in everything he does. Aaron takes pleasure not only in working to uplift the people and communities around him, but in experiencing the world in all its wonder - whether through extensive travel or a fantastic meal, or taking in a fantastic show at Red Rocks or taking some simple enjoyment of watching a great game, Aaron believes in living his life thoroughly and experientially. In Aaron, clients find more than just a realtor; they discover a trusted advisor, a compassionate advocate, and a relentless champion of their dreams. With Aaron leading the way, the journey to homeownership becomes not just a transaction, but a transformative experience fueled by trust, communication, and unwavering dedication.

Annie Tancik



Annie is a Colorado Native with a passion to help others achieve their real estate investment goals. After graduating from Colorado State University, Annie moved to the Denver area in order to pursue a career in the Real Estate Industry. She spent three years with a nationally well-known property management company tending to resident and ownership needs. Once she decided to pursue her long term career she had all the experience to become a successful Realtor. Applying her exceptional customer service and accountability traits to every transaction and every client, ensures you will receive the up-most care and consideration when entering into your most precious life transaction.

Arlet Aguilar



Arlet Aguilar brings a refreshing approach to real estate, combining expertise with a client-centered philosophy to create truly exceptional experiences. With a career deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the diverse needs of her clients, Arlet brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every transaction she undertakes. Arlet's approach to real estate is guided by three fundamental principles that she believes are paramount for her clients: expertise, client-centeredness, and transparent communication. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of the market, she possesses the expertise necessary to navigate even the most complex transactions with confidence and precision. Moreover, Arlet's client-centered approach ensures that every decision and action is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each of her clients, fostering trust and satisfaction at every step of the process. Coupled with her unwavering commitment to clear communication and transparency, Arlet ensures that her clients are always well-informed and empowered to make confident decisions. For Arlet, real estate is not merely a profession but a passion—a gateway to personal and professional growth, limitless potential, and meaningful connections. She finds joy in the opportunity to constantly learn and evolve within the industry, meeting new people, and guiding them through the significant milestone of home ownership. Arlet's enthusiasm for real estate is fueled by the sense of fulfillment she derives from helping her clients achieve their dreams and aspirations, making a positive impact on their lives. What sets Arlet apart from her peers and competitors is her unique ability to bridge language barriers and connect with a broader clientele. Being bilingual, she effortlessly reaches a diverse audience, opening doors to opportunities that may otherwise remain inaccessible. This inclusivity not only expands her reach but also enriches the real estate experience for her clients, fostering stronger relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. When it comes to choosing business partners, Arlet's decision to join Flourish was driven by a combination of reputation, admiration, and alignment of values. Arlet was drawn to the exemplary leadership of individuals ?w?ithin the network whom she has long admired for their professionalism and expertise?. She sees Flourish as more than just a team but as a supportive community that fosters growth, collaboration, and shared success—a place where she feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach new heights in her career. Beyond her professional endeavors, Arlet is an individual of diverse interests and passions. A dedicated runner, she finds solace and rejuvenation in the rhythmic beat of her footsteps, using it as a tool to alleviate stress and uplift her spirits. Her adventurous spirit manifests in activities like zip-lining over mountain ranges and exploring the great outdoors with her son through biking and swimming. While not a self-proclaimed athlete, Arlet finds joy in embracing new challenges, whether it's conquering the slopes on skis, mastering the art of snowboarding, or perfecting her serve on the tennis court. In summary, Arlet Aguilar is more than just a real estate broker—she is a trusted advisor, a passionate advocate, and a dedicated ally committed to helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. With a blend of expertise, integrity, and genuine care, Arlet strives to make every real estate journey a rewarding and memorable experience for those she serves.

Becca Waller



Meet Becca Waller, your unwavering partner in the realm of real estate. With a dynamic blend of tenacity, determination, and a commitment to continual growth, Becca is not just a broker but a dedicated ally on your journey to thriving in the world of real estate. In her pursuit of excellence, Becca's tireless approach ensures she surpasses expectations, while her proactive attitude towards learning keeps her ahead of industry trends, offering clients the most effective guidance. Beyond transactions, Becca forges partnerships; she approaches each client relationship with a client-centric focus, seeking to understand each individual's unique needs, and prioritizing open communication every step of the way. With real estate as her passion, Becca thrives in the industry's constant evolution, finding joy in the diverse opportunities each day presents for learning and development. Her competitive edge stems from a sports background, fostering a drive for excellence and a team-oriented mindset that sets her apart from her peers. Selecting Flourish as her business partner was a strategic move driven by shared values and the team's extensive experience. Becca delights in collaborating within Flourish, where insights are shared, and the collective effort of her network partners alongside her own ensures the best possible outcomes. Beyond her professional pursuits, Becca's heart beats for animal rescue. Her recent adoption of Goose, a black lab mix, is a testament to her commitment to supporting animal shelters—a passion she's carried since childhood. Flourish's philanthropic nature aligns seamlessly with Becca's values, providing a platform to extend her support to causes close to her heart - elevating the lives of people and animals everywhere. In Becca Waller, you have more than a broker; you have a dedicated, determined partner committed to ensuring your real estate journey is not just successful but also a gratifying experience. Welcome to a partnership where excellence is not just a goal but a guarantee.

Brittany Sanderlin


License Number: FA.100070582

As a native to Colorado and experiencing first hand the growth and development of the real estate market has helped me to provide specific insight to the current value and trends of the different neighborhoods throughout the Denver Metro area. I work directly with lenders and other industry professionals to navigate every transaction as seamlessly as possible for my clients. I am committed to protecting each individual's investment with an awareness of their specific needs and financial goals. Trustworthy service and authentic relationships are the foundation of my business and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Cesar Orona



As a seasoned real estate professional, Cesar Orona has built his reputation on a foundation of trust, dedication, and a genuine passion for helping families achieve their dreams of homeownership. With a commitment to excellence, Cesar takes pride in going above and beyond for his clients, ensuring that every transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Cesar firmly believes that there are no silly questions when it comes to working with him. He encourages open and constant communication, making sure his clients feel informed and supported throughout the entire process. His priority is to create a smooth and stress-free experience, always putting the clients' needs first. In the dynamic world of real estate, challenges are bound to arise, but Cesar embraces them wholeheartedly. Each day, he strives to be a better broker and person, recognizing that small, consistent changes lead to immeasurable rewards in the long run. This mindset sets him apart, ensuring that he tackles any obstacles head-on and finds innovative solutions to achieve success for his clients. For Cesar, real estate is not just a profession; it's a way of life that has allowed him to create a fulfilling lifestyle for his family and himself. But beyond personal gains, he finds true joy in giving back to the community by helping other families secure their own homes. The collaboration that takes place during the buying and selling process brings him immense satisfaction, as he witnesses the power of teamwork and shared goals. What sets Cesar apart from the competition is his unwavering commitment to collaboration and making a difference in every transaction. He understands that success in the real estate industry lies in working together, setting aside pride, and prioritizing the clients' best interests. With effective and efficient communication, no obstacle is insurmountable. Cesar's journey led him to join The Umphress Group, where he found a community of like-minded individuals driven by a shared vision of delivering exceptional service and care to their clients. Inspired by their collaborative spirit and work ethic, he knew he had found the perfect place to grow and make a positive impact on the lives of his clients. Beyond his professional endeavors, Cesar's interests are as diverse as they are exciting. A sports enthusiast, he enjoys staying active and pushing his limits at the gym. On a quest for new and delightful culinary experiences, he loves exploring unique eateries. And if you want to geek out on Anime, Cesar is your go-to expert! But most importantly, he cherishes spending quality time with his family and friends, reveling in the joys of good company and laughter. When you choose Cesar Orona as your Realtor, you are not just getting a skilled professional, but a dedicated partner who genuinely cares about your real estate journey. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in the greater Denver-metro area, Cesar is here to guide you every step of the way, making your dreams of homeownership a reality. Reach out to Cesar today and let his expertise and passion work for you!

Dave Umphress

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner - Umphress Group

License Number: 042362

Dave accidentally found himself in real estate in 2012 after working as a teacher and in the non-profit sector. After finding quick success in his first year that earned him the "Rookie of the Year" award, his non-profit background lead to a strong desire to create a real estate business motivated by a "big why" that would change the world and rally clients. In late 2013, The Umphress Group (eventually Flourish) was born, with a strategy partnership with an organization doing water, sanitation/hygiene and HIV/AIDS work in sub-Saharan Africa. A unique partnership began, where a local community in Colorado essentially adopted communities in Africa, journeying with them for years through transformation and health. Fast forward 10 years later, the Umphress Group has morphed in to The Flourish Real Estate Network, a group of agents, teams and brokerages around Colorado committed to issues limiting human flourishing, which still includes the same work in sub-Saharan Africa (originally in Mozambique, then in Ethiopia, and now in Kenya). The network is motivated by our internal 501c3, Flourish Alliance, which partners with organizations committed to these same causes, and empowers them through our time, talent and treasure. While everything that we do is motivated by a huge "why", it all starts with real estate sales, and we're committed to being the absolute best real estate professionals in town, for the sake of our partners both locally and internationally. To flourishing!!

Doug Osness


License Number: EA40011629

With his unwavering commitment to advocating for his clients and ensuring their success, Doug Osness is the REALTOR® you can trust to guide you through the exciting world of real estate. As a seasoned professional, Doug brings over 25 years of experience, ensuring that your journey is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Doug's client-centric approach places his clients desires at the forefront. He actively listens to every prospective buyer or seller's personal wants and needs, ensuring that every step throughout the transaction taken aligns perfectly with their vision. Patience and kindness are the hallmarks of his service, creating a supportive and empowering environment throughout the entire process. Beyond the business, Doug finds true joy in transforming lives. As a proud dad of seven and a loving grandad of 16 (and counting!), he cherishes the opportunity to impact individuals, couples and families, not just by helping them find their dream home but also securing a bright financial future. What sets Doug apart is his extensive experience. Having encountered a wide range of situations in the real estate market, he possesses the expertise to navigate any challenges that may arise, ensuring both client satisfaction and peace of mind. Partnering with The Umphress Group and ultimately with the Flourish Network was a natural choice for Doug. The shared mission of helping others flourish and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve resonates deeply with him. The team's commitment to fair housing principles ensures that every client receives exceptional service and care, while their collective vision of creating meaningful good in the community they serve is one which drives Doug's own business as well. Outside of real estate, Doug enjoys life's simple pleasures. Whether he's enjoying an occasional cigar, engaging in spirited poker games, or embarking on fly-fishing adventures with his wife, he finds joy in every moment. Watching his grandchildren excel in sports brings him immeasurable pride, and cherishing time with his growing family is what truly fills his heart. As your prospective Realtor, Doug Osness is ready to lead you towards a flourishing future. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned seller, or an investor seeking opportunities, he's here to be your dedicated partner in achieving your dreams. Take the next step today and connect with Doug – let the journey begin.

Gwyn Saeger



Meet Gwyn Saeger, your not-so-typical real estate broker; she's your trusted ally, confidant, and unwavering advocate in your quest for the perfect home. For Gwyn, real estate isn't just about transactions; it's about building lasting connections and making your journey as memorable as the destination. With a heart fueled by a genuine love for helping others, Gwyn embodies patience, flexibility, and an innate ability to put people at ease – qualities honed from being the oldest of seven siblings. Every client is special, and Gwyn ensures they feel exactly that, listening intently to their needs to uncover the ideal home tailored to their unique lifestyle. Driven by her own experiences of relocating eleven times in her adult life, Gwyn understands the importance of compassionate support during life's transitions. Inspired by the kindness of her past Realtors, she's committed to paying it forward by providing the same level of care and going above and beyond to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible.What truly distinguishes Gwyn is her collaborative spirit and genuine joy in seeing others succeed. She doesn't view her peers as competition but as valued collaborators, each bringing their own strengths to the table. Together, they form a supportive community dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and ensuring every client receives the best possible experience. Gwyn's journey led her to The Umphress Group, where she found a team that shares her ethos of servant leadership and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Drawn to the genuine camaraderie and shared values within the entire Flourish network, Gwyn knew she had found her tribe, a place where she could continue to grow and evolve while making a meaningful impact. Beyond real estate, Gwyn finds joy in her family and the great outdoors. As a devoted mother to two, she spent decades cheering them on in various sports. Now, as an empty nester, she's embracing new adventures in Colorado's abundant sunshine. Whether she's hiking, white-water rafting, or even soaring through the skies in a plane, Gwyn's zest for life is infectious, and she's always eager to explore new horizons. With Gwyn Saeger as your broker, you're not just embarking on a real estate journey – you're embarking on an adventure filled with warmth, empathy, and unwavering support. Welcome home.

Jen Tabernacki



Meet Jen Tabernacki, a real estate expert with a heart of gold and a knack for turning houses into homes. With a background in nursing and a passion for guiding individuals through life's transitions, Jen brings a unique blend of empathy, reliability, and attention to detail to her role as a broker. Her grace under pressure sets her apart in an industry known for swift pivots and high stakes. From the moment you meet Jen, it's clear that she's not your average real estate agent. Her commitment to her clients is unwavering, evident in her responsiveness, reliability, and depth of knowledge. From the outset, it's evident that Jen's approach to real estate transcends the transactional – it's about fostering genuine connections and creating meaningful experiences for her clients by providing exceptional service. For Jen, the true joy of real estate lies in witnessing the transformation of a house into a home, where cherished memories are made and shared. One of her greatest joys is witnessing the joy on her clients' faces as they settle into their new homes, surrounded by loved ones and making memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's celebrating a successful closing or receiving photos of her clients' personalized touches, Jen finds fulfillment in knowing that she has played a part in helping others find their place of belonging. With her background as a licensed nurse, Jen possesses a unique skill set that sets her apart in the real estate industry. Her strong communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to educating her clients ensure that every aspect of the buying or selling process is handled with professionalism and care. Jen's journey led her to The Umphress Group, where she found a community that shares her values of integrity, compassion, and philanthropy. Inspired by the opportunity to make a positive impact both locally and globally, Jen knew that Flourish network was the ideal platform for her aspirations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jen finds joy in spending quality time with her family – her husband, daughter, and beloved dog. Whether they're exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying each other's company at home, Jen and her family embrace each moment with warmth and gratitude. With her poised demeanor, genuine warmth, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Jen Tabernacki embodies the essence of professionalism and compassion in the real estate industry. As your trusted advisor and advocate, Jen is committed to guiding you on the path to finding your way home.

Kevin Lucero


Kevin Lucero, a Colorado native, is driven by a passion for economics, real estate, and the great outdoors. His academic journey led him to Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in Economics, fostering a keen aptitude for analytical thinking and strategic decision-making. Over the past six years, Kevin has immersed himself in the property management and real estate industry, cultivating a profound understanding of market dynamics, property valuation, and investment strategies. Kevin's professional prowess extends to negotiating contracts, conducting meticulous market research, and delivering unparalleled customer service and consultation. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin finds solace and excitement in snowboarding, indulging in the thrill of gliding down Colorado's picturesque slopes. Additionally, he maintains a vibrant lifestyle by actively participating in CrossFit, embodying his ethos of pushing physical limits and perpetually seeking self-improvement. As a Colorado native deeply entrenched in the local market, Kevin combines his expertise in economics and business to assist clients in making well-informed decisions about their real estate ventures. Whether it's finding the perfect property, managing investments, or skillfully negotiating contracts, Kevin is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring optimal outcomes for his clients.

Laura Pollock Manning


Laura Pollock Manning is a seasoned Colorado residential expert, renowned for her unwavering commitment to securing the best deals for her clients. With a focus on delivering exceptional results and memorable experiences, Laura prioritizes her clients' needs above all else. Her ability to truly listen and understand her clients' requirements sets her apart in the demanding and competitive real estate industry. Thriving in fast-paced environments, Laura excels at guiding both Biuyers and Sellers through every phase of a successful residential transaction with care and expertise. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Laura's real estate journey began after pursuing her education at The University of Arizona, Southern Methodist University, and Landmark College, leading to her licensure in 2008. She honed her skills in residential real estate in the Dallas-Fort Worth market before returning to Colorado in 2012. After a fruitful tenure in the Colorado hospitality industry, Laura transitioned to commercial real estate, specializing in research, property management, and leasing for the multifamily sector. In 2019, she returned to her passion for residential real estate, specializing in the Colorado Springs, Denver, and Vail and Boulder areas. Being married to her husband Chris, a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, has curated in Laura a special passion for supporting other military members and their families. Laura and her husband share a deep love for Colorado's natural beauty. They first crossed paths on Vail's Northwoods chairlift 11 while skiing and snowboarding, sparking a connection that has endured ever since. Outside of work, Laura and her husband find solace in the peaceful mountain landscapes, indulging in their shared passions for skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking, photography, and camping.

Laura Althen



Michaela Schae



Nathan Van Deel


License Number: FA100099177

Nathan Van Deel is a dynamic force in the real estate arena, representing the Umphress Group powered by Flourish and specializing in Northern Colorado real estate. Hailing from the charming town of Buena Vista, Colorado, and a proud alumnus of Colorado State University, Nathan brings youthful energy and a fresh perspective to the real estate landscape. Dedicated to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of his clients, Nathan has quickly become a trusted figure in the industry. His personalized approach goes beyond market fluctuations, establishing a reputation for trustworthiness and satisfaction among his clientele. Nathan's proficiency in real estate is marked by a comprehensive understanding of market intricacies. Whether navigating residential properties, equestrian estates, or expansive land parcels throughout Colorado, Nathan collaborates seamlessly with the Umphress Group and his Flourish Network partners to provide clients with informed insights and a seamless experience in a competitive and dynamic market. Beyond real estate transactions, Nathan finds purpose in contributing to the well-being of his community. Merging his background in construction and sales and marketing, he takes pride in assisting families and individuals in building generational wealth and financial security. Nathan's distinction as a Realtor lies not only in his ability to navigate transactions with calm and clarity but also in his role as a dedicated fiduciary, championing his clients' interests at every step. While Nathan has a reputation as a driven Realtor, he is also known as a distinguished rodeo champion. Channeling his love for the sport and profound connection with his equine partners in that arena, he has seamlessly translated this passion into a dedicated focus on equestrian, farm, and ranch properties. Whether helping his clients to buy or sell a city condo or navigate the complexities of a sprawling ranch sale, Nathan's dedication and focus on keeping his clients at the center of his business remains the same. Choosing to partner with Flourish and the Umphress Group reflects Nathan's commitment to professional excellence and community impact. The collaborative and inspiring environment provided by his team aligns seamlessly with his values. In addition to his professional pursuits, Nathan, a lover of Colorado's natural beauty, indulges in roping, fly fishing, hunting, biking, and a myriad of outdoor activities that define the state he proudly calls home. With his youthfulness and hunger for success, Nathan is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of real estate.

Pat Gates



Robert Taylor


Introducing Robert Taylor, a seasoned and dedicated licensed real estate Broker based in Colorado. With a rich background in the industry spanning five years, Robert has established himself as an expert in the field, driven by a genuine passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals. Robert's commitment to excellence is evident in his customer-centric approach, consistently surpassing expectations in the ever-evolving world of real estate. His roots in the industry run deep, influenced by a family legacy where real estate is not just a profession but a way of life. With a mother who was a real estate agent, a grandmother who served as the president of the Board of Realtors, a grandfather who excelled as a mortgage banker, and an uncle who is an appraiser, Robert inherits a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, Robert thrives in the dynamic environment of real estate, running his own business while contributing to the success of the Umphress Group, powered by Flourish. Collaborating with a top-notch team, he combines his individual strengths with collective efforts to deliver unparalleled service to clients. Robert's dedication to continuous learning and self-improvement sets him apart in the industry. His relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures that he stays at the forefront of market trends and industry innovations, offering clients a competitive edge in their real estate endeavors. Beyond the realm of real estate, Robert's diverse background includes a stint as a bartender, Cicerone, and beer buyer in the local craft beer scene. His interests extend to the great outdoors, where he finds joy in skiing, hiking, camping, and exploring the scenic landscapes of Colorado. A lover of live music, Robert's multifaceted passions reflect a well-rounded individual committed to both personal and professional growth. As a licensed real estate Broker with the Umphress Group, powered by Flourish, Robert Taylor brings a unique blend of expertise, genuine care for clients, and a deep appreciation for the Colorado lifestyle. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, Robert is your trusted partner in navigating the exciting journey of real estate with confidence and success.

Sandy Courtney


License Number: FA100084318

Friends and family encouraged Sandy to become a REALTOR® for many years and it is a joy to live the dream! As a homeowner and investor for the last 25 years, Sandy’s passion for real estate developed into a desire to help others navigate the market and reach their dreams and goals. Her experience in accounting, administration and property management over the years prepared her to accurately execute the important details of the real estate transaction. Representing clients with honesty and integrity and educating them through each step of the process to help them make the best decisions possible is her duty. Sandy is dedicated to prompt communication and meeting the needs of each unique client. She is blessed to live in Colorado for over thirty years and is devoted to God, her husband of 26 years, and her three children. She loves to play tennis and pickleball, ride horses, hike, drink coffee or wine with friends, and make homemade soap in her spare time. She enjoys travel - especially back and forth to Phoenix to spend time with her two oldest children and to manage her vacation rental there.

Seth Turner


Meet Seth Turner, the powerhouse real estate broker driving much of the success at the Umphress Group, powered by Flourish. In a realm notorious for cutthroat competition, Seth effortlessly combines a laid-back demeanor with an unapologetic commitment to his clients' triumphs – no enemies crushed, just victories secured. Seth's approach to real estate isn't transactional; it's a canvas for his creative problem-solving and an avenue to craft success stories for his clients. Unconventional and always a step ahead, he doesn't view himself as your typical salesperson. His game is relational and holistic, with transactions being just a small piece of the pie – a pie he strategically slices to ensure his clients emerge as winners. The secret to Seth's success? An incredible work ethic and an integrity so rock-solid, it's practically his trademark. He's not just seeking transactions; he's on a mission to build enduring connections and turn seemingly impossible dreams into tangible realities. Humility is his superpower as he consistently embraces new knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Choosing to partner with Flourish and the Umphress Group wasn't just a career move for Seth; it was a declaration of intent. "I wanted to change lives and change the industry for the better," he declares. Seth felt that surrounding himself with the most thoughtful, integrity-filled, badass individuals was non-negotiable. At Flourish, Seth found his tribe – a team as dynamic and driven as himself. Beyond the realms of real estate, Seth is still a force to be reckoned with. From a lifelong love affair with anime to a competitive gaming past, he brings a unique blend of interests to the table. Spikeball, longboarding, traditional ramen, and a passion for the Red Rising book series – Seth's diverse pursuits reflect a man unafraid to embrace the unconventional. His dedication to home and hearth starts and ends with his own family - as a proud father and loving husband, Seth brings the same relentless enthusiasm and tireless commitment to his business as he does his own household. In essence, Seth Turner isn't just a real estate broker; he's a game-changer, redefining industry norms and elevating communities with a genuine good-will and ability to see the possibility in everything he touches. Seth Turner: where laid-back meets relentless, and success is not a question but a given.
Holtman Homes

Welcome to Holtman Homes, a distinguished residential real estate firm nestled in the heart of the Front Range of Colorado. As a proud member of the Flourish Real Estate Network, we stand as a family-owned and operated business, with our roots firmly planted in the vibrant community of Golden, Colorado. At Holtman Homes, we don't just sell houses; we forge lasting relationships by putting our clients' needs at the forefront. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the genuine care and authenticity we bring to every interaction. We consider ourselves more than just real estate professionals; we are your coaches in real estate, guiding you through the intricate process of buying or selling your home.

Our fiduciary duties are not just a formality – they are the backbone of our business. We take these responsibilities incredibly seriously, honoring them at every turn to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. We believe in the power of education and make it a priority to empower our clients with knowledge, making them confident decision-makers in their real estate endeavors. What sets Holtman Homes apart is our commitment to continuous improvement. With a learning-based staff, we embark on an ongoing journey of growth and development. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends allows us to provide innovative and informed solutions to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being a small business with big values. Our mission is to help you build something worth owning – not just a house, but a home where memories are made and futures are shaped. Through the power of real estate, we create agency, allowing individuals and families to determine the direction their lives take. Our approach is deeply rooted in relationships. We understand that real estate is not just about transactions; it's about people. By fostering exceptional interpersonal connections, based on reliability and trustworthiness, we believe we can better serve our clients. We genuinely care about being a brand worth working with and a team worth trusting.

At Holtman Homes, we don't just see ourselves as real estate professionals; we see ourselves as a family taking care of others as they navigate the world of real estate. Join us in creating something incredible – let us be your partners in building a future worth living.

Meet Holtman Homes

Amy Crooks


Amy Crooks is a vibrant real estate broker whose business is a testament to her passion for home, community, and creating lasting impacts. A proud Colorado native, Amy has cherished Erie as her home for the past 17 years, fostering deep connections within the community and gaining an intimate understanding of the local market dynamics. With a successful career in science behind her, Amy seamlessly transitioned into real estate, bringing with her a meticulous analytical approach. Her background in research and data analysis ensures that her clients benefit from precise, informed market insights, while her hands-on experience managing multiple short-term rental properties gives her a unique edge in understanding property management and market dynamics. What makes Amy truly stand out amongst her peers is her heartfelt commitment to helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. She believes that a home is more than just a place to live—it’s the foundation of a community and a key to building wealth and security. Amy’s ability to listen deeply and tailor her approach to each client’s unique needs transforms transactions into personalized journeys. Whether it’s guiding a first-time homebuyer, navigating a complex sale, or scouting profitable investment properties, Amy’s dedication to her clients is unwavering. Amy’s decision to join Holtman Homes, powered by Flourish reflects her desire to be part of a dynamic team that values collaboration and mutual growth. Here, she leverages cutting-edge tools, industry expertise, and a supportive network to offer her clients unmatched service. The group’s energetic and forward-thinking environment perfectly complements Amy’s proactive and innovative approach. Beyond the realm of real estate, Amy’s love for the great outdoors and her adventurous spirit shine through. She enjoys camping and exploring nature with her family, experiences that enrich her understanding of the diverse needs and lifestyles of her clients. This connection to nature and community underpins her professional ethos, making her a relatable and approachable guide in the real estate landscape. Amy Crooks is not just the average Realtor; she is a passionate advocate for home and community, blending scientific precision with a heartfelt commitment to her clients. Her unique combination of local expertise, investment savvy, and genuine care ensures that every client’s real estate journey is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Corey Crooks



Corey Crooks is more than just a real estate broker; he draws from a background rooted in science and industry. Corey brings a disciplined, numbers-driven mindset to the table, ensuring that decisions are anchored in logic and rationale. His passion for teaching and investment further distinguishes him as a trusted advisor in the real estate world. Corey’s passion for real estate stems from his belief in its potential to build wealth and financial stability. Corey is a fervent advocate of real estate as a path to acquiring wealth-building assets, a belief that underpins his commitment to helping clients not just find their dream homes, but also identify lucrative investment opportunities to bolster their financial portfolios. What truly sets Corey apart is his dual perspective as both a broker and an investor. With nearly a decade of experience buying and selling properties, he brings a visionary yet pragmatic outlook to real estate. Corey views the market through the lenses of both dream home buyers and investors, understanding that while dreams and investments come from different places, they both have the potential to yield extraordinary results. Corey's decision to join Flourish via Holtman Homes was a natural fit, driven by their shared commitment to excellence and the unique opportunities they offer. Supported by his wife and inspired by the leadership of Corey and Greg Holtman, Corey has found a business partnership that aligns perfectly with his goals and values. Outside the world of real estate, Corey's life is a tapestry of diverse experiences and passions. From his early achievements as a standout caddie at Cherry Hills Country Club to his love for travel and camping, Corey's thirst for discovery and adventure knows no bounds. Corey Crooks isn't just a broker—he's a mentor, investor, and advocate for financial empowerment through real estate. His methodical approach, combined with his dedication to client education and support, ensures that every client benefits from his unique blend of analytical precision and passionate advocacy. Whether you're searching for your dream home or seeking strategic investment opportunities, Corey's expertise and insight will guide you towards a successful and fulfilling real estate journey.

Corey Holtman

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner - Holtman Homes


Meet Corey Holtman, the visionary force behind Holtman Homes, powered by Flourish. A living embodiment of local expertise, Corey has woven her life into the very fabric of her Golden community. Viewing her role as existing beyond simply being a broker, Corey works to serve her clients as a trusted guide through their real estate journey, weaving dreams into reality with an artistry that's as creative as it is passionate. For Corey, the three pillars that define her as a broker are more than just words—they're a commitment etched into the rhythm of her life. Having spent the majority of her life in this vibrant front range community Corey offers a perspective that transcends the ordinary, seeking to honor her community and those within it while also working tirelessly to uplift its most challenged members. What sets her apart is not just her promise to put clients first; it's the promise delivered with an unparalleled blend of reliability and enthusiasm. The joy Corey finds in this industry is the joy of enabling people to unravel the possibilities and witness the magical moment when they step into "the" house, their house. It's the joy of seeing rooms transform from empty spaces to personal sanctuaries, where every piece of furniture has a story to tell. Corey's distinction from her peers lies in her unshakable belief that her clients success matters more than her paycheck. In an industry often driven by numbers, Corey stands as a beacon of client-centric focus, a relentless advocate for turning your dreams into the tangible reality of home. It's not just about the transaction; it's about your journey, your satisfaction, and the legacy of a home well-chosen. Choosing to align her firm with Flourish wasn't just a business decision for Corey; it was a strategic move to amplify her impact on the community she loves. It's about more than transactions; it's about transformation. With these partners by her side, Corey extends to her clients more than just a home; she offers a lifestyle, an experience, and a commitment to enriching lives. Beyond the realm of real estate, Corey's heart lies with her family—her compass in this dynamic world. Her happy place? It's not just a location; it's the front row seat to her kids pursuing their passions, currently manifested in the world of sports. In the symphony of residential real estate, Corey Holtman isn't just a broker; she's the orchestrator of dreams, infusing every transaction with the essence of creativity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to the soul of the community. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Corey Holtman—where every home tells a story, and every client relationship becomes a cherished chapter.

Greg Holtman

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner - Holtman Homes

License Number: FA. 100087604

I am a true Arvada native, (born, rasied, and still living here!). Outside of work, I am passionate about my family and coaching! A coach at Golden High School, I love using athletics to teach young people the fundamentals of leadership they can use throughout their lives!

Joe LeBeau


Joe LeBeau is a force to be reckoned with in the business world- and in the real estate industry. Armed with a background in construction, including remodeling basements and bathrooms, and running his own successful fence company, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to every transaction. His experience has given him a keen eye for "functional" design and landscaping, setting him apart from the competition. Joe's passion for real estate stems from his desire to help people make educated decisions that will positively impact their lives in the long term. He is a straightforward communicator, proud of his honesty and reliability, and always puts his clients' needs first. Beyond real estate, Joe is a dedicated baseball coach and player, cherishing the lifelong friendships he has made through the sport. He even holds the impressive title of being the first high school player to hit a home run at Coors Field, a fact he loves to share whenever he gets the chance! Joe's decision to partner with Flourish by way of Holtman Homes was an easy one, thanks to the exceptional relationship of trust he has already with his business partners. Joe is proud to be aligned with such consummate professionals, knowing that he will receive unwavering support and expertise from these dedicated professionals. This partnership with Holtman Homes gives Joe a competitive edge, ensuring that his clients receive the best possible service and guidance throughout their real estate journey. His choice to align with Flourish is similarly based on a shared vision of excellence - where integrity is foundational, where growth is ongoing, where generosity has space to impact everyone, and where community is prioritized. When he's not working or on the baseball field, Joe can be found indulging in his hobbies, which include collecting coins, cards, and comics. However, his greatest joy comes from spending quality time with his family and girlfriend, exploring museums, attending events, or simply enjoying a nice dinner together. Joe LeBeau's dedication to his clients, coupled with his diverse background and love for helping others, make him a standout in the industry. With Joe on your side, you can trust that you are in capable hands every step of the way.
Meet Flourish
Our vision is to be the catalyst for positive change in the real estate industry, shaping a future where every transaction contributes to human flourishing. We envision the Flourish Network as a transformative force, championing innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Our collaborative approach and commitment to growth, generosity, integrity, and community enables us to build a legacy of impact that extends far beyond our business endeavors.

 We seek daily to run and lead impact driven businesses, that elevate our partners, clients and communities; we intend to drive our industry into a new echelon of professionalism, and to raise the bar on what is expected of a real estate team. We believe in loving what we do and having a fantastic time doing it, with incredible people who inspire us daily. We plan to make real estate fun again, and to bring the joy of home to all who seek it. We seek to be the change we want to see in our world, and reach out a helping hand to those in need whenever we have the opportunity. Together, we can flourish -
Featured Agents

Anthony Lee

Transaction Manager


In the intricate world of real estate, Anthony Lee stands out as a steady force, ensuring that every transaction at Flourish unfolds with precision and professionalism. With a career defined by clear communication, unwavering support, and a knack for maintaining composure under pressure, Anthony brings a unique blend of expertise and personality to his role as transaction manager. For Anthony, real estate isn't just about buying and selling properties; it's about fostering meaningful connections and guiding clients and colleagues toward their goals with finesse and clear understanding along the way. From assisting agents with their first deals to navigating multimillion-dollar transactions, Anthony takes pride in his ability to make a positive impact at every step of the journey. What truly sets Anthony apart is his calm and collected demeanor, even in the face of the most challenging situations. He approaches each task with a solution-oriented mindset, firmly believing that every problem has a resolution. This unwavering confidence and resilience are invaluable assets in an industry where uncertainty can often prevail. Joining Flourish was a natural progression for Anthony, drawn to the company's collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence. As a Transaction Manager, he plays a vital role in ensuring that every detail is meticulously handled, from project management to compliance, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection. Beyond the boardroom, Anthony is an avid golfer and aspiring triathlete, finding solace in the great outdoors and relishing moments of respite with friends and family. His passion for life is reflected in his approach to work, infusing every transaction with energy, enthusiasm, and a touch of his infectious personality. With his unwavering dedication to professionalism and a genuine desire to see others succeed, Anthony Lee is an invaluable asset to the Flourish team. His commitment to excellence ensures that every client and colleague receives the highest level of service, making each transaction not just a business deal but a memorable experience filled with trust, integrity, and success.

Emily Cohen

REALTOR®, Listings Manager


With nearly a decade immersed in the real estate landscape, Emily Cohen, Listings Manager and Broker with the Flourish Real Estate Network, embodies a genuine commitment to her clients' journey. Her professional ethos revolves around honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness, ensuring that clients feel supported at every step. Emily's wealth of local experience, coupled with her adept communication and meticulous attention to detail, translates into a seamless and informed real estate experience for her clients. Emily finds unbridled joy in the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the real estate industry. Her passion for working with people and guiding them through the intricacies of purchasing or selling their homes is palpable. Helping clients to buy and sell homes is never just a transaction for Emily; it's an opportunity to connect and make a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves. Her exceptional listening skills, patience, and unwavering focus on nuanced details extend beyond the professional realm, reflecting a deep personal commitment to each client's unique needs. What truly sets Emily apart is her extensive experience—she has handled nearly a hundred real estate transactions annually for the past three years. This seasoned background instills confidence in her clients, as she navigates the complexities of the real estate process with grace and a level of expertise that surpasses many in her field. Choosing the Flourish Network as her business partners was a natural decision, as Emily resonates with their collaborative and community-focused approach. In a world often driven by financial gain, Emily appreciates the team's dedication to making a positive impact on the world while pursuing their shared love for real estate. Beyond her professional pursuits, Emily's personality shines through in her active lifestyle. A Colorado native, she thrives outdoors, hiking with her dog, and finding balance through yoga. Her passion for holistic healing and natural remedies underscores her fascination with the ways in which plants and herbs contribute to physical and emotional well-being. Emily Cohen is not just a real estate professional; she is a dedicated advocate, a trusted guide, and a personable individual weaving her passion into both her professional and personal life, leaving an indelible mark on the real estate landscape and beyond.

Kyndra Forszt



Kyndra Forszt is an accomplished real estate professional known for her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and building enduring client relationships. Drawing from her background in fine dining, Kyndra has honed her skills in providing a white glove experience, recognizing that exceptional service is the foundation of loyalty and client satisfaction. Born and raised in the vibrant Denver metro area, Kyndra holds a deep appreciation for the significance of community. She understands the pivotal role that location plays in shaping people's lives and takes pride in her comprehensive knowledge of Denver's most desirable neighborhoods. With an insatiable curiosity for exploring local businesses, Kyndra can often be found immersing herself in the vibrant culinary scene of the city. Since embarking on her real estate journey in 2015, Kyndra's passion for the industry has only grown stronger. Her exceptional track record was recognized in 2023 both by the Denver Board of Realtors, DMAR, which recognized Kyndra and her team for Excellence in the field, as well as by RealTrends, which identified her and her team as one of the Best Real Estate Firms nationally. Her true fulfillment, though, lies in empowering individuals and families through the life-changing experience of homeownership. With a genuine dedication to inspiring generational wealth, Kyndra approaches every client interaction with utmost care and attention. From first-time homebuyers to luxury listings, she leaves no stone unturned in ensuring her clients' needs are met and expectations far exceeded. Kyndra's commitment to giving back is a cornerstone of her professional and personal philosophy. As a proud member of both the Flourish Network and Denver non-profit Flourish Alliance, she collaborates with like-minded professionals who share her passion for making a positive impact and promoting human flourishing at home and abroad. Additionally, Kyndra serves on the board of Mercy Ministries, a non-profit organization focused on providing trauma healing to orphaned and abandoned youth. Through her involvement, she has journeyed to Romania multiple times, establishing meaningful connections and lending support to help these young individuals recover from their past traumas. This dedication to philanthropy reflects Kyndra's unwavering belief in the power of community and her desire to uplift those in need. With a poised demeanor, sophisticated approach, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Kyndra Forszt exemplifies the epitome of a real estate professional. Her exceptional service, attention to detail, and genuine care for her clients' well-being make her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to achieve their real estate goals while making a lasting impact on their community.

Lindsay Gaudyn

Director of Marketing + Growth


Lindsay Gaudyn is an accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning finance, real estate, and marketing. As the Director of Marketing for Flourish and a licensed Real Estate Broker, Lindsay brings a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact on both individuals and communities. Lindsay's journey began at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where she navigated the challenging financial landscape of the 2008 crisis while studying English and Political Science. Demonstrating her adaptability and strategic thinking, Lindsay started her career in finance, joining Wells Fargo Financial as a Credit Manager. Her exceptional performance and relentless work ethic allowed her to climb the corporate ladder, holding key roles in senior management at both Wells Fargo Bank and JP Morgan Chase. In 2016, Lindsay took a bold step into the real estate sector, becoming the Director of Operations for a top-performing real estate team in the Denver Metro area. Simultaneously obtaining her real estate license, Lindsay showcased her multifaceted skill set in operational excellence and client services. She further honed her expertise as a Director of Operations with a boutique luxury firm in the Denver and Boulder real estate markets before finding her professional home at Flourish. At Flourish, Lindsay serves as the Director of Marketing, Growth, and Agent Services, playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's brand and expanding its reach. Her commitment to philanthropy is reflected in her involvement with Flourish Alliance, the company's internal 501(c)(3), where she contributes to initiatives aimed at elevating communities and serving humanity at multiple levels. Beyond her professional achievements, Lindsay is a devoted mother to two wonderful children and has celebrated over 13 years of marriage with her husband. Her love for the outdoors is evident in her hobbies, as she enjoys skiing, camping, and hiking. Lindsay is also an avid reader, finding solace in the pages of a good book on quieter days. Lindsay's diverse experiences extend to the literary world, where she achieved a noteworthy accomplishment as a published author of a children's book titled "The Grumpasaurus Rex", inspired by her own children. A Colorado native with a global perspective, Lindsay embraces her sense of fernweh cultivated during her studies abroad in college. She firmly believes in finding beauty in unexpected places and advocates for the moral imperative of choosing kindness in an often unkind world. In Lindsay Gaudyn, Flourish has not only found a dedicated Director of Marketing but also a compassionate leader who believes in the transformative power of kindness, empathy, and community building.

Lindy Chavez



Sierra White



As a seasoned business professional with over 19 years of financial management and business development experience across diverse sectors, Sierra is a recognized authority in strategic planning, relationship management, and team leadership. Her professional expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including accounting principles, financial analysis, process optimization, accurate reporting, account management, and client relations. Sierra excels in delivering exceptional administration within these domains, thanks to her effective communication skills, strategic prioritization, keen business acumen, systems analysis, project management, and resource optimization, all of which contribute to efficiency and maximum returns. Currently, Sierra serves as a licensed Transaction Manager and Real Estate Broker with the Flourish Real Estate Network. Under her expert leadership, she specializes in providing comprehensive services to a diverse clientele across the Front Range. Her responsibilities encompass contract preparation, skillful negotiations, meticulous financial analysis, in-depth research, and targeted marketing campaigns. Sierra is adept at designing and executing strategic initiatives while providing world class client experiences. Furthermore, she plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between brokerage leadership, clients, stakeholders, title companies and cross-functional teams to ensure that Flourish Real Estate Network's support structure effectively propels the business forward. Her focus on deliverables and expert project management acumen shows up in her Real Estate business as she excels in supporting her clientele as they buy and sell real estate. Her expertise as a top-producing Realtor sets her apart in the industry, making her an invaluable asset to her internal and external clients via the Flourish Real Estate Network. Sierra is known among her colleagues as a forward-thinking, driven, and approachable real estate expert. She's a trusted professional who consistently delivers superior solutions, resulting in successfully executed transactions and repeat business for the Flourish Real Estate Network.
Roo Residential
Welcome to Roo Residential, your trusted partners for residential real estate guidance - with a purpose. Though built out of Golden Colorado and delighted to serve in all residential real estate transactions, because our firm specializes in both Farm + Ranch Properties and Investors, we serve all down the Front Range of Colorado. Founded on the profound belief that those with the power to do good also bear the responsibility to do so, Roo Residential is dedicated to creating a world where everyone can thrive. This starts with serving every one of our clients with passion, integrity, and intention - and ensuring our business creates opportunities to positively impact the community we serve. 

As proud members of the Flourish Network, we share a common mission with our network partners: to dismantle barriers hindering human flourishing, from food insecurity to safe and affordable housing. Our commitment extends beyond traditional transactions to encompass a broader vision that integrates social responsibility into every aspect of our business. 
At Roo Residential, we take this shared mission one step farther, as we work to leverage the integral role that animals play in human flourishing. Roo Residential harnesses the transformative power of real estate to amplify this impact and celebrate this symbiotic relationship between people and animals. A cornerstone of our ethos is the dedication of a quarter of our profits to initiatives that remove obstacles to human flourishing. Roo Residential's stewardship of this space extends to supporting programs such as service animal training, therapy and social rehabilitation services using animals, and global initiatives promoting human empowerment through animal husbandry (such as Heifer International). 
Meet Roo Residential

Keaton Crawford

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner - Roo Residential


Keaton got her passion for real estate when she helped remodel a house with her parents when she was eighteen years old. She helped with everything from painting, tiling, and tearing up the old carpet, to book work as well as learning about the real estate market. This ignited her excitement for learning as much as possible about real estate and she never looked back. Her favorite thing about real estate is that it is ever changing and that there is always something new to learn. As a Colorado Native, she is happy to call Colorado home again after living in Tennessee and Texas for a few years studying at Belmont University and Southern Methodist University. She decided to come back to Colorado to finish up her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Business (entrepreneurship), anthropology, and political science were the three subjects that Keaton studied in her college career, which gives her a multifaceted understanding of the market and the people that drive it. Having the opportunity to go on Semester at Sea gave Keaton connections with people from all over the United States and the world. Traveling will always be one of her passions in life, as she enjoys meeting people from all over the world and from all different walks of life. Keaton grew up around horses since she was five years old and rode at a competitive level through most of her college years. She was on the NCAA Equestrian Team while attending SMU in Dallas, Texas. Now at the end of the day she enjoys getting to spend time with her sister and their horses, or snuggling up on the couch with her dog, Watson.
North Properties Group
North Properties Group is a distinguished real estate firm headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, committed to guiding clients on a transformative journey towards building generational wealth through strategic real estate investments. Established with a vision to empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of real estate opportunities, North Properties Group offers a spectrum of services and expertise ranging from property flips and rental acquisitions to creative investment strategies and short-term rentals.

Our dedicated team of experts is adept at navigating the diverse real estate landscape, catering to a wide clientele that spans from first-time home buyers to those seeking to liquidate multimillion-dollar residences. At North, we believe in providing unparalleled insights and personalized strategies, ensuring that our clients are well-informed and equipped to make astute decisions in their pursuit of financial prosperity through real estate.

Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to integrity, North Properties Group is more than a real estate firm; it is a partner in the journey towards leveraging real estate as a powerful vehicle for positive change in the lives of our clients.
Featured Agents

Ingrid Hall



Travis Hall


Your Home Team Colorado
Embark on a journey with Your Home Team Colorado, powered by Flourish, where the realms of real estate transcend mere transactions to become transformative experiences. Meet a team driven not just by expertise but by a fervent passion for innovation, a commitment to seamless client journeys, and a deep-rooted dedication to philanthropy. Your Home Team is a visionary real estate team serving clients across two states, with a tenured history of excellence in the industry and a track record for servant leadership. With decades of experience navigating the ever shifting landscape of residential real estate, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the forefront of their business. Their mission is to guide and educate their clientele, reshaping the real estate landscape with innovation and excellence. 
At Your Home Team Colorado, our Brokers don't just open doors; they unlock possibilities. Led by a collective vision to redefine the landscape of real estate, they harness the power of technology to streamline every facet of the process. With Flourish as their guiding force to amplify their philanthropic efforts and power their business, YHTC brokers weave together the art of home and the science of success. Discover a partnership that transcends the ordinary, where each interaction is infused with purpose and promise. From the first handshake to the final signature, Your Home Team Colorado, powered by Flourish, stands as a beacon of integrity, innovation, and impact.
Featured Agents

Chris Chennault



Chris Chennault is a third-generation realtor from Atlanta with over 70 years of family experience in real estate. After earning an MBA from the University of Central Florida, Chris worked in sports marketing in Colorado before following his passion for real estate and joining his sister to create a successful real estate team serving clients across the country. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, Chris has built a reputation as a trusted advisor and expert in the industry. His family's legacy has instilled in him a deep appreciation for hard work, integrity, and professionalism, ensuring every client receives personalized, attentive service.

Katie Best


Katie, a fifth-generation Colorado native, brings her passion for her home state to her role as an agent for Your Home Team Colorado. With a Marketing degree from Arizona State University, she blends her real estate expertise with a keen attention to detail, resulting in flawlessly executed marketing campaigns. Collaborating closely with fellow agents, Katie develops impactful branding strategies and creates captivating advertisements that set her team apart. Her dedication to staying ahead of industry trends ensures the team's - and her clients! - continued success. Outside of work, Katie immerses herself in Colorado's natural beauty through hiking and camping. Her knowledge and attention to detail consistently deliver exceptional results in promoting the unique lifestyle and properties of Colorado.
Real Broker, LLC
Dave Umphress
12245 Pecos Street
Westminster, CO 80234

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